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A two-meter alien fell on the farm of a Canadian resident: scientists explained what it really was

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Двухметровый пришелец упал на ферму жителя Канады: ученые объяснили, что это было на самом деле

A farmer plans to sell a 40-kilogram piece of charred metal to raise money for the construction of a hockey field.

A giant piece of space junk fell on the farm of a Canadian resident in the province of Saskatchewan. Scientists suggest that this may be part of the skin of a SpaceX rocket or spacecraft.

Futurism writes about this.

A piece of burnt metal 2 meters wide and weighing 40 kg was discovered in his field by farmer Barry Savchuk, who lives near the city of Ituna, Saskatchewan, Canada.

According to Savchuk, he and his son were engaged in the standard procedure of examining a field for debris and came across an unusual object. At first, the Canadians thought it was ordinary debris, but numerous layers of charred composite fibers led them to suspect that it was space debris.

Savchuk explained that he doesn’t know much about this, because he doesn’t build spaceships, but is engaged in agriculture. A group of astronomers learned about this incident and went to the scene to study a possible alien from outer space.

They confirmed that this is indeed space debris, which is most likely associated with the SpaceX rocket launched back in February of this year. Astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell suggested that this debris may be associated with the Crew Dragon spacecraft, which delivered astronauts to Earth from the International Space Station.

Some parts of rockets and spaceships may break off and burn up as they enter the atmosphere, but some may survive the journey and fall to the ground. Savchuk now hopes to sell his find and use part of the proceeds to build a hockey field in the city of Ituna.

According to statistics, such space debris most often falls into the ocean, but sometimes it can also fall on land. For example, 2 years ago a piece of SpaceX spacecraft was discovered in Australia. Given the high speed, such debris can cause significant damage.

Recall, recently the American private aerospace company SpaceX announced reservations for flights into space. The first human missions will go into Earth orbit.

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