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A revised history of the emergence of mankind

by alex

Пересмотрена история появления человечества

Archaeologists have discovered that people have inhabited Mexico for 15 thousand years earlier than the hypothetical period of the appearance of man in America. About the opening, which makes scientists to reconsider the history of mankind, reported in an article published in the journal Nature.

Experts found the site of the old Homo sapiens cave Chiquita, located in a mountainous area in the North of Mexico. Were found two thousand stone tools age 25-30 thousand years, which casts doubt on the conventional hypothesis that archaeological culture Clovis (13-12 thousand years ago) was the very first culture in America.

According to scientists, humans did not occupy the cave constantly, and used as a winter shelter or as a base for hunting during migration. Archaeologists still do not know what it was for the people, where they came from, but I think that until the culture of the Clovis people has made repeated unsuccessful attempts of colonization, which have left genetic traces in modern populations.

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