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Titian's twice-stolen masterpiece sold at auction for $22 million

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Дважды похищенный шедевр Тициана продали на аукционе за $22 миллиона

The sale of the painting set a new world record for Titian's works.

A twice stolen painting by the Italian Renaissance master Titian Vecellio, “Rest on the Flight into Egypt,” was sold at auction for $22.3 million

CNN reports this.

The painting was put up for auction at Christie's in London for £15-25 million ($19-32 million) and was eventually bought for £17.5 million ($22.3 million). This is the highest price ever achieved at auction for a work by this artist.

Measuring 46.2 cm by 62.9 cm, the painting is considered tiny compared to some of Titian's massive works.

After passing through the hands of aristocrats, the painting was stolen and taken to Paris by Napoleon's troops during the French occupation of Vienna in 1809.

The painting was returned to Vienna in 1815, and then passed through several private collections before ending up in the hands of John Alexander Thynne, the fourth English Marquess of Wiltshire.

In In 1995, the painting was stolen from the estate of Tyne's descendants, Longleat. The painting disappeared for seven years, after which detective Charles Hill found it at a bus stop in London.

Earlier it became known that specialists from the National Gallery of Scotland discovered a previously unknown self-portrait of the artist on the back of Vincent van Gogh's painting “Head of a Peasant Woman”.

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