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The German army is thinking about feminitives in ranks

by alex

The German army is thinking about feminitives in ranks

The Ministry of Defense of the Federal Republic of Germany thought about introducing feminitives as options for military ranks. Die Welt reports about this with reference to internal documents of the department.

It is proposed to form feminine variants from the ranks using the suffix “-in”, as it works with most other professions in German. Women-soldiers are now addressed without adding a suffix, but by adding “frau” to the title, for example, “frau major.”

Feminitives think to introduce only where it organically fits into the language: for example, the female form of rank may officially appear among lieutenants and generals, but unlikely – among captains and colonels. In the Germanic feminist environment – the source of such linguistic changes – it is customary to use the default feminine form of the word as “including all variants”, and in order to include those who refuse to classify themselves as men or women, the suffix from the root is separated by the asterisk symbol (“* “).

The authorities of Ukraine have decided on legislative changes under the influence of “progressive” ideological trends in recent years: in August 2020, they were allowed to indicate the feminitives of professions in the official working documentation and obliged employers to write exactly this form in the documents, if required by the employee.

Back in May 2019, it was reported that the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine adopted new spelling norms that legalize the use of feminitives. Words such as poet, member and critic were cited as examples.

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