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Terrible figures of the amount of destruction: the expert spoke about 3 stages of the restoration of Ukraine

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Terrible numbers of destruction: an expert spoke about 3 stages of the restoration of Ukraine

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Russia has damaged and destroyed, according to preliminary data, about 16-17 thousand high-rise buildings and 120-130 thousand private houses. The numbers are serious, but Ukraine will definitely restore the entire infrastructure. This is already being actively worked on.

About this 24 channelsGiorgi Birkadze, an expert on political and economic issues, told. According to him, the figures can be much higher, because it is still impossible to calculate the destruction in the temporarily occupied territories. There is also now a program from the Office of the President, where the destruction of infrastructure is clearly and transparently monitored.

Back in early July, Ukraine announced the approximate amount that would be needed for restoration – this is about 750 billion dollars . Obviously, the figure has already grown, because the war continues.

What will be restored first

As Birkadze notes, the entire restoration of Ukraine will be divided into 3 parts . First – immediate recovery here and now. Second – recovery under the Fast Recovery program, which was previously introduced by the Office of the President. Third is a further transformation that will last for 5-8-10 years.

At the first stage, critical infrastructure will be restored. These are the objects without which it is impossible to imagine an adequate life in settlements – bridges, networks, infrastructure for proper heat and water supply, electricity, gas. This should also include residential buildings in which the damage is no more than 10%.

The second stage is the Fast Recovery program from the President's Office for $17.4 billion. social infrastructure must be built within it- the same high-rise buildings and private houses, schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, etc. At the third stage, the restoration and transformation of other facilities will continue.

Where will Ukraine get the money for restoration?

According to Birkadze, in the first place – these are frozen 350 billion dollars from Russia's foreign exchange reserves. He is convinced that the West will definitely transfer these resources to the Ukrainians. This is a matter of time and bureaucracy. Reparations will definitely come .

It is very important that Ukraine is really actively and transparently working to get this money. All needs are clearly reasoned and confirmed.

Of course, there is still work to be done. According to Birkadze, it would be important for Ukraine to receive further international assistance in the form of grants, not loans. After all, the state still has a fairly large external debt, the cancellation of which also needs to be discussed.

Our country is doing everything possible to make everything transparent and trust. Without trust, we can't get money. Everything now depends on the government, the president, and so on. But I see what they do. And I am sure that they will succeed in this matter,” Birkadze emphasized.

Let us add that in early September, the Ukrainian military launched a successful counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region. In the end, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to free Izyum from Russian infidels. The situation there is really terrible: since the beginning of the Russian invasion, at least 1,000 civilians have died there, and 80% of the city has been destroyed.

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