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Syria captured American “Black hornet”

by alex

Сирия захватила американский «Черный шершень»

The Syrian Arab army captured the American miniature reconnaissance drone Black Hornet (“Black hornet”) 3. To the corresponding picture posted on Twitter, drew attention to The Drive.

Presumably, the drone fell into the hands of the Syrians on the North-East of the country. The publication notes that, despite its small size and weight, the drone is equipped with two fully functional day camera and a thermal imager.

“Working at night, the system combines channels from all three chambers, providing a single view with greater precision, which facilitates the operators to identify potential threats and other objects of interest,” writes The Drive.

In September 2019, the Defense News portal reported that the system allows you to directly translate the data from the cameras Black Hornet in weapons systems, are ready to enter the arms market.

In October 2014, was presented to round-the-clock version of the Black Hornet.

Black Hornet was developed by Norwegian company Prox Dynamics. The length of the UAV reaches ten centimetres. Weight — less than 20 grams. Travel speed up to 20 kilometers per hour. The radius of the Black Hornet is 2000 meters.

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