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Scientists explain loss of smell with the coronavirus

by alex

Ученые объяснили потерю обоняния при коронавирусе

Loss of smell when the coronavirus is the result of exposure at work supporting cells, said the scientist Sandeep Robert Dutt. A study published in the journal Science Advances.

The loss of smell when the coronavirus is short-lived and reversible process that does not usually cause any complications, scientists say.

Loss of smell is one of the most common symptoms when infected with coronavirus. However, in contrast to viral infections that affect the olfactory neurons, at COVID-19 this symptom completely goes away in a few weeks.

Earlier, the former chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko called the specific symptoms of the coronavirus, which is not the flu. According to him, these symptoms are difficulty breathing, loss of smell and sense of taste. In addition, patients with COVID-19 in the first place have problems with light, for example, intoxication, cough. He noted that the heavier the disease occurs in older age groups, and children respond less active.

According to 26 July, there are more than 16.1 million are infected with coronavirus, of which more than 646,8 thousand people died, another 9.3 million — was recovered. Most infected are in the US, Brazil, India, Russia and South Africa.

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