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Reveals the mystery of small Egyptian mummies

by alex

Раскрыта загадка маленьких египетских мумий

Scientists have found that the saved in Israel, Egyptian mummies are not human remains. This is stated in a joint study of American and Israeli radiologists, reports Live Science.

Experts analyzed two small mummies, placed on exhibition in the National Maritime Museum in Haifa (Israel). The objects were stored in the sarcophagi, their age is about two thousand years. The study was conducted using a combined method of computed tomography using x-ray radiation of different power. In the end I managed to solve the mystery of the internals of these mummies.

Both historical artifact are small, the largest of them received anthropomorphic form, that is was made in the image of man. In particular, the 45-centimeter-tall mummy was created in honor of the ancient Egyptian God of rebirth, Osiris, as it was filled with a mixture of earth and grains. According to Dr. Marcia of Javitt (Marcia Javitt), so its creators wanted to emphasize the connection between human fertility and rebirth.

The Museum was also attended by the mummy is 25 inches, made in the form of birds. Experts believe that the artifact was created in honor of the Mountain is the ancient Egyptian God, depicted in human form with a Falcon head. The mummy consisted of the remains of the bird with a broken neck, and the neck is broken after her death. Almost all the internal organs except the heart were removed.

Mummies in the relevant records initially said that they were hidden in the human heart. According to the expert of the Museum Hillela Ron (Ron Hillel), the Egyptians always left the heart inside the mummified remains. They believed that after death the heart was weighed along with a bird’s feather. Hillel noticed that if the feather was lighter than the heart, the deceased could not count on eternal life.

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