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Orban broke a taboo, the political scientist explained in whose interests the Hungarian Prime Minister is acting

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Orban broke the taboo, – the political scientist explained in whose interests Hungarian Prime Minister Victoria Grabovskaya acts

Орбан нарушил табу, – политолог объяснил, в чьих интересах действует премьер Венгрии

Viktor Orban caused a wave of negativity due to his visit to Moscow, which he made immediately after meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv. His activity is particularly related to Hungary's presidency of the EU from July 1.

Political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko told Channel about this, noting that Orban needed a loud information and political reason for everyone to pay attention to Hungary. At the same time, the Hungarian Prime Minister realized that his actions would cause harsh criticism in the European Union.

This is Orban's style

However, Orban did not have the authority from Ukraine and the EU to conduct the relevant negotiations.

At the same time, the Prime Minister of Hungary, going to Russia, acted primarily in his own interests. This is in the style of Orban, who very often attracts attention with scandalous, conflict-ridden, shocking actions,” the political scientist emphasized.

In addition, Orban claims to be a mediator in negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. He had previously advocated ending the war in Ukraine, but in the abstract.

However, his visit to Moscow became a problem, because Orban broke the taboo of European politicians for direct communication with Putin. There have been practically no meetings with the head of the Kremlin since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine, Fesenko emphasized.

However, in Moscow, the Hungarian Prime Minister met a rather unexpected Putin's cool reaction. Of course, Russia “positively” assessed his attempts to constructively “on behalf of the EU” to improve relations with Russia. Here Orban played along with Putin – again, in his opinion, contrary to the position of the European Union.

Ready to help Trump

During his visit to Ukraine, President Zelensky noted that Orban’s “ceasefire” initiative is unacceptable for Ukraine. Putin constantly violated the agreements, in particular the truce, which were announced during the Minsk agreements. ~strong>representative of Donald Trump in the European Union. Therefore, his “peace initiatives” were voiced with an eye on the former US President. Advisors offer Trump one of the options for ending the war in Ukraine – “cessation of hostilities.” “Orban has shown that he is ready to help Trump with this,” noted Vladimir Fesenko.

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