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Online map of military operations in Ukraine: where the fighting is taking place as of 07/07/2024

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Онлайн-карта боевых действий в Украине: где идут бои на 07.07.2024

Full-scale war in Ukraine began around 05:00 on February 24, 2022 by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The invasion started with an attack on airfields, military warehouses in Kyiv, Kharkov and Dnieper, as well as on the state border in the area with Russia, Belarus and occupied Crimea.

ICTV Facts brings to your attention combat maps from Deep State, Institute for the study of war and CTP, which conditionally reflect the situation in the cities of Ukraine. A battle map is also available

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Online map of military operations in Ukraine Deep State

Mark symbols:

  • blue areas – the territory from which the invaders were driven out;
  • green areas – territory liberated at the end of March – beginning of April;
  • gray areas – area requiring clarification;
  • red areas – territory captured by the occupiers;
  • black color – territory of Crimea and ORDLO;
  • pink color – territory of Transnistria.

Also on the Deep State map are enemy units, headquarters, airfields, fleet and attack directions of the occupiers.

Never use the map to find safe routes, use the green corridors suggested by the authorities.

Combat map

On the map you can see online where the fighting is going on in Ukraine, which territories are already free from the invaders and other important events.

Color symbols on the map:

  • blue – Ukrainian government, NATO, other Western forces;
  • red – Russia, Belarus, Transnistria.

The areas on the map marked in red are temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

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