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Named the main threat to humanity

by alex

Названа главная угроза для человечества

Air pollution is considered as the main threat to the human population. This is stated in the report of the founders of the air quality Index (AQLI), published on the website of the organization.

According to the authors of the study, air pollution poses to people is much more dangerous than the coronavirus, tuberculosis, AIDS and other diseases. According to estimates, air pollution reduces average life expectancy by two years. In countries such as India or Bangladesh, the average life expectancy due to the dangerous emissions can be reduced by some 10 years.

Especially in the AQLI report noted the state of air quality in developing regions. Over the last 20 years the level of air pollution in four South Asian countries — Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan — increased by 44 percent, resulting in a reduced life expectancy by almost five years. Approximately 89 percent of the 650 million people of Southeast Asia live in areas where the level of air pollution with particulate matter does not meet the recommendations of the world health organization (who).

Experts also drew attention to positive changes. In particular, the United States, Europe, Japan, China due to the rigid policy regarding the environment have achieved some success in the fight for clean air. For example, in China in 2013 started the “war on pollution”, which resulted in the country has reduced the number of particulate emissions in the atmosphere by almost 40 percent. Assessment AQLI, if the Chinese authorities continue this policy, then the citizens of this country will live two more years.

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