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More than a billion smartphones were under threat of hacking

by alex

Более миллиарда смартфонов оказались под угрозой взлома

In the popular Android-powered devices found critical vulnerability. This publication reports Ars Technica, citing a study the Agency Check Point.

Cybersecurity experts have discovered more than 400 vulnerabilities in Snapdragon processors from Qualcomm. According to the Agency, under the threat of hacking was all the devices running on the Snapdragon family of chips — 40 percent of the total devices number of Android-smartphones, or more than a billion devices. In particular, in the US the Snapdragon processors are found in 90 percent of the company in the market of devices running Android.

Critical vulnerability can be used by hackers at the moment when you load Internet videos or other content. The attackers can track the device’s location, record audio in real-time to download photos and videos. Through the gap in the system, you can remotely turn on and off devices.

Team Check Point said that he had informed the company Qualcomm, and that, in turn, released a bug-fix update. However, reporters learned that closing the gap in security patches at the moment, was not among the high-priority updates for Android. A Google spokesperson could not name the exact date of the deployment of updates.

In a statement, Qualcomm said that the company examined the report by Check Point and conducted the hard work of Troubleshooting. Representatives from the chip maker stated that it did not have information that a number of vulnerabilities used to hack into smartphones. Qualcomm also encouraged users to download applications only from trusted sources such as Google Play.

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