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Microsoft revealed the cost of Xbox Series X

by alex

Microsoft revealed the cost of Xbox Series X

Microsoft has revealed the cost of the next generation consoles. Xbox Series consoles can be pre-ordered at the end of September, according to the product website.

The cost of the older version of the Xbox Series X console will be $ 499, the younger version of Series S is estimated at $ 299. The set-top boxes will go on sale November 10, pre-order on the console will open on September 22. In Europe, the cost of consoles is 499 and 299 euros, respectively, in Russia – 45,590 and 26,990 rubles, respectively.

The company said in a statement that the games developed for the next generation of consoles will be available to gamers on the day the consoles are launched. Microsoft also announced that Xbox Series devices can be purchased on an Xbox All-Access lease for two years starting at $ 25 per month.

Xbox Series X was announced in December 2019. The console received a processor based on AMD Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architecture, NVMe SSD drive and GDDR6 video memory. Together with the gaming device, Microsoft showed a new controller. Xbox Series S was released on September 8th.

The price of Sony's PlayStation 5, Microsoft's rival in the game console market, is expected to be announced soon. In early summer, representatives of the Japanese company said that the cost of the set-top box will be optimal in terms of value for money. The PS5 is expected to go on sale later in the year.

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