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In Venezuela, similar to the Russians military was seen buying vodka

by alex

В Венесуэле похожих на россиян военных застали за покупкой водки

Like the Russians military was seen buying vodka at one of the shops in Venezuela. The respective photo Monday, August 3, published in Twitter-account CNW.

According to CNW, the photo was taken in Valencia, in the North of the country. Posted picture shows four men in uniform of the Armed forces of Venezuela in Alcaudete one of the local supermarkets. Two soldiers studying shelves with alcoholic beverages, the other two, apparently discussing something. Near them are a few baskets of food, one of which you can see at least three bottles of vodka.

As noted by CNW, most likely, in the lens of the photographer, who came from Russia military advisers and engineers, dressed in Venezuelan form.

Earlier Russians have been noticed in Venezuela in the form of the army Latin American countries. In particular, in September 2019 dressed so Russian specialists photographed at the military Fort of Tiun in Caracas.

In 2019 in Venezuela was sent to several groups of specialists from Russia. As noted by the military attache of the Venezuelan Embassy in Russia josé Rafael Torrealba Perez, all Russian military temporarily stationed in Venezuela, part of a group of military-technical exchange. They advise the Venezuelan staff and service previously supplied weapons.

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