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Called the timing of the onset of global catastrophe

by alex

Названы сроки наступления глобальной катастрофы

New world flood will come in the next hundred years. This is stated in a study published in the scientific journal Nature.

Global danger from the rise in global sea level increases due to the active tide, increasing waves and storms. According to experts, if humanity does not take any measures, by the year 2100, an impressive part of the land will be under water. In particular, coastal areas will be flooded by approximately 50 percent.

According to the above-mentioned timing of the onset of the disaster and analysis of the situation, the risk of flooding territories in the first place, the region, located at an altitude of about 10 meters above the sea level. In the worst scenario of development of events, about 287 million people, or 4 percent of the total population of the planet can suffer from the coastal flooding. In monetary terms, a disaster can cause damage in the amount of 14 trillion dollars, which is 20 percent of the global gross domestic product.

Despite the fact that the average sea level rises relatively slowly, the scientists saw the threat of natural disasters. According to Kirisci Ebru (Ebru Kirezci) from the University of Melbourne (Australia), over time increasing the destructive power of the tides, floods and other natural disasters.

The team was able to simulate the map with the territories of Land that may be under water by 2100. In the United States will be partially flooded areas of North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland, in Asia, some regions of China, Bangladesh, India, Oceania and the North part of Australia. In Europe significantly affected Northern Germany and France, the main victim of the global flood was named as the UK.

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