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Called the main symptom of complications from coronavirus

by alex

Назван главный признак осложнений от коронавируса

French scientists have described the main characteristic of patients at high risk of severe complications COVID-19. This was reported in an article in the journal Science.

The researchers studied 50 patients infected with the coronavirus, with different symptoms: from minor coughing to severe respiratory failure, forcing doctors to connect a patient to a ventilator. After analyzing the blood, tissue, immune cells and other biomaterials, scientists came to the conclusion that a common feature of people with complications is deficiency of interferon response and increased inflammation.

So, severely ill patients there was a lack of interferon type I, which are used by the immune system to fight the virus. It is known that the production of interferon slows the progression of coronavirus infection.

According to scientists, the results show that the interferon is a key factor in the symptoms and recovery of the patient, and is the basis of successful treatment strategies COVID-19.

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