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Called causing disorder injection from coronavirus

by alex

Названа вызывающая расстройства психики инъекция от коронавируса

Interferon in the form of injection it is impossible to apply even for the prevention of coronavirus. In addition to the weaknesses and disorders in the digestive system it can cause mental disorders. About this in an interview with the newspaper “Izvestia” warned the head of the international projects on patient safety and personalized medicine Yuri Kiselev.

“Possible severe weakness, hair loss and skin rashes, gastrointestinal and even psychiatric disorders. The latter include depression and sleep disorders, less likely to manifest delusions and suicidal thoughts,” — warned the expert.

In addition, after injection of interferon in the blood can reduce the level of white blood cells responsible for fighting viruses. Kiselev also noted that the introduction of this protein may cause symptoms similar to SARS. The doctor in this case will be difficult to distinguish between side effects and actual manifestation of the disease.

According to the newspaper, a recent study showed patients with severe COVID-19 acute shortage of interferon. Another study showed that the interferon in the form of inhalation lowers the risk of death of the patient on artificial lung ventilation (ALV) by 79 percent in comparison with placebo.

Earlier it was reported that, after analyzing the blood, tissue, immune cells and other biomaterials, scientists came to the conclusion that a common feature of people with complications is deficiency of interferon response and increased inflammation. According to experts, the interferon is a key factor in the symptoms and recovery of the patient, and is the basis of successful treatment strategies COVID-19.

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