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Approved the future of Baikonur

by alex

Утверждено будущее Байконура

The Russian and the Kazakh side during the city of Baikonur ceremony approved the creation of space rocket complex “Baiterek”, according to “Roskosmos”. In June, the representative of the Corporation in Kazakhstan Anatoly Krasnikov said that this complex will be renamed “Nazarevskiy start”.

In message “Roskosmos” says that the agreement to contract for services was signed by Director General of space-Rocket Corporation “Energy” Igor Ozar and CEO of the joint venture “Baiterek” Kuat Mustafinov. The ceremony was attended by the head of the Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin and Deputy Minister for digital development, innovation and the aerospace industry of Kazakhstan Azamat Butyrko.

“This is a clear and bright future, which has been said by the leaders of the Russian space industry. We understand that this complex will help the spaceport to second birth, will begin a new stage in his life, there will be new jobs,” — leads TASS review Krasnikova.

The Corporation noted that the project provides creation on the basis of ground space infrastructure of the average Ukrainian rocket “Zenit-M” at the cosmodrome Baikonur rocket complex “Baiterek” is designed for launches of the LV “Soyuz-5” with unmanned spacecraft.

In the framework of the “Baiterek” is expected to launch medium-heavy “Soyuz-5” (“Irtysh”) converted from a launching pad under the Ukrainian vehicle “Zenit-3SL” at Baikonur. In a joint Kazakhstani-Russian project in Moscow is responsible for the creation, support, and Nur-Sultan is funding the work on the launch infrastructure. Flight tests of “Soyuz-5” is scheduled for 2022. The carrier medium is a two-stage rocket. Launch mass media about 530 tons length 61,87 meters, a diameter of 4.1 meters, the first stage engine — РД171МВ, the second stage engine — РД0124МС. Fuel components: oxidant — liquid oxygen fuel — naphthyl. Weight output payload into low earth orbit from the Baikonur cosmodrome at around 18 tons.

Initially the “Soyuz-5” was supposed to be used for launches of future space ship “Federation” (“eagle”), however, after Dmitry Rogozin was appointed Director General of Roskosmos, the Corporation decided to use for these competitions is much more expensive “Angara-A5”.

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